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Progressive Black Men Inc. was founded in 1989 at Florida State University when a group of brothers decided to form an innovative organization for the purpose of obliterating the stereotypical views of black males portrayed in the media, in the entertainment circuit, and in the education arena. Members' defining characteristics of professionalism, punctuality, proficiency, and intellectuality reflect the true state of excellence that can be achieved as a nation. The organization is more inclusive than a fraternity and more sophisticated than a club and invites incoming, returning, transferring, and graduate students to join. Goals include, but are not limited to: * The eradication of connotations that African American men are criminal, pimps, thugs, hustlers, players, and uncivilized; * Increasing our academic standing: Aspiring entertainers, writers, teachers, politicians, engineers, medical and law students fill our ranks. Progressive Black Men Organizations Men People Society.