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Not a typical holiday, Sadie Hawkins Day was the invention of cartoonist Al Capp. Capp invented a day in fictional Dogpath, U.S.A., when unmarried women could chase the man they wanted to marry. If caught, the bachelors would have to walk down the aisle. A modified version of Sadie Hawkins Day, one in which women asked men for a date but didn't require their hands in marriage, was first celebrated on Wednesday, November 9, 1938. Today, it's usually celebrated on the Saturday that falls closest to that date. Sites listed in this section should be suitable for visitors of all ages, but designed primarily for adult visitors. Sites provide material related to Sadie Hawkins Day, including historical background, holiday stories and poems, graphics, and ideas for celebrating. Sadie Hawkins Day Holidays Society.

Sadie Hawkins Day is an American folk event and pseudo-holiday originated by Al Capp 's classic hillbilly comic strip Li'l Abner (1934–1978). (wikipedia)